Mini curve rafter (95-98mm), Maxi curve rafter (123-125mm), Tension rafter


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Aussie Traveller Curved Roof Rafter (CRR) including bracket



Curved Roof Rafters have a dual purpose. They are mostly used to prevent the awning canopy from sagging & hence ensures water run-off. They are also good for keeping the awning fabric taught thus reducing wind flap, awnings that flap can cause your RV to shake or even cause damage to the awning itself.

Aussie Traveller’s Curved Roof Rafters are available in a Maxi curve and a Mini curve and are widely considered as the best quality roof rafter available. Suitable for most caravan and RV rollout awnings including Dometic, Carefree & Aussie Traveller’s Sunburst & Coolabah awnings.

Maxi curve rafter (123-125mm) is suitable for longer awnings on motorhomes or full height caravans.

Mini curve rafter (95-98mm) is suitable for awnings of all lengths on pop-top caravans as well as for shorter awnings on motorhomes and full height caravans.

The Curved Roof Rafter is also available with a tensioning arm, known as a Curved Tension Rafter.  The Curved Tension Rafter is a standard Curved Roof Rafter with a tension arm fitted and is ideally suited to awnings 18′ and over.  The lever action of the rafter allows it to exert pressure and help prevent longer awning roller tubes from bowing.

Suggested Usage 

   Awning Size   Rafters Required
11′ and under 1
12′ 1 (2)
13′ – 17′ 2
18′ – 21′ 3*
22′ and over 4*

* We recommend substituting one of the Curved Roof Rafters with a Curved Tension Rafter for these longer lengths.

  • Mini Curve rafter
    95 – 98mm
    Suitable for awnings of all lengths on pop-top caravans, or for shorter awnings on all other vehicle types
  • Maxi Curve rafter
    123 – 125mm
    Suitable for longer awnings on all vehicle types
  • Curved Tension Rafter
    Suitable for longer awnings 18’ and over
CRR for Coolabah Awnings

We also have specialised CRR for Aussie Traveller’s Coolabah Awnings available.

These CRR have the same curvature as Aussie Traveller’s standard rafters but are fitted with different connections suitable for attaching to a Coolabah Awning.


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