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CGEAR Multi Mat


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Designed in Australia for Australian conditions by a proudly Australian owned company.

CGear Multimat was originally designed as a deployable helimat to eliminate dirt, dust and debris from being kicked up by the helicopters rotors when landing. The product was so successful in eliminating sand, dirt and dust from helicopter landings that we applied it to camping sites.

Sand and dirt fall straight through the mat to the ground beneath-but not back up through the mat. The CGear Multimat is ideal for outdoor living areas and provides a sand and dirt free area for camping sites. The Multimat can be used as a shade mat (Providing 90%+ UV Protection) and as windbreak break mat for screening.


The Multimat Colour is Green/Grey and is constructed with internationally patented multi-layered knitted technology. Using our technology, it allows sand and dirt to simply fall through the mat, returning to the ground underneath and not coming back up through the mat.

The CGear Multimat is lightweight and easy to set up and pack away. Made with reinforced edges and using D-Rings to peg the Multimat down, the Multimat is durable and won’t tear or fray, even if cut due to rip stop technology. Each Multimat also comes with its own drawstring carry bag.


• Sand and dirt fall readily through the mat

• Perfect for use under camp furniture

• UV stabilisers minimise degradation of mats from exposure to the sun

• Non-absorbent and will not rot or mould

• Liquid spills (drinks, etc) go through the mat

• Easy to wipe clean

• More environmentally friendly on the grass underneath the mat than tarpaulins

• May also be used for shade or as a wind break

• Product is recyclable


Sizes Available

  • 1.8M X 2.4M – 2.5kg
  • 2.4M X 4.3M – 4.5kg
  • 2.4M X 6.0M – 6.3kg
  • 3.6M X 4.6M – 7kg

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