HydroSilex Camper - 1000ml


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HydroSilex Camper is a revolutionary ceramic surface protection with no limits. It is the first DIY ceramic coating designed for RVs that’ll give them a hydrophobic, slick and shiny effect to protect it from the elements.

Product Description

HydroSilex coats virtually any RV surface such as paint, plastics, glass, metals, gelcoat, etc. Camper will directly bond to the surface and create a smooth and shiny top ceramic layer to protect the surface against the sun, rain, dirt, bird droppings, and any other elements that might tarnish your investment! It provides UV protection to all surfaces, blocking the harsh rays of the sun to stop fading. The lotus effect makes liquids and contaminants bead up and simply roll off the surface.

It’s completely DIY with no professional application needed! It’ll leave your RV looking new without constant washing, waxing, and buffing. The ceramic coating will outlast any wax or other surface protection and cannot be washed off. You can add more layers for a longer and stronger protection.

It’s the new way to maintain your RV that saves time, money and effort with amazing results.


    1. Spray: HydroSilex Camper is a spray on ceramic coating. No mess or grease on hands or anywhere it’s not supposed to be.
    1. Level: Camper instantly bonds with the surface when it is sprayed on. Just level it after sprayed and the coating stays.
    1. Buff: Lightly buff the surface and see it transform to a super hydrophobic slick surface that makes your vehicle shine.

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